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Alsil RTV Gasket Maker

High temp, RTV Silicone 33 gm & 85 gm For Use: Water Pump, Thermostat Housing, Transmission, Intake Manifolds Timing cover, Valve covers.

Product Description :

Application: Timing cleaning covers, intake Manifolds (End Seals) thermostats, Water covers, transmission Pans, oil pump flanges, axle covers, oil pumps, water pumps and many more. 1. Clear the surfaces thoroughly. Remove all traces of old gaskets, rust dust, oil & grease. 2. Remove tube cap puncture inner seal Seraw on nozzle and cut to designed size. 3. Apply continues, Uniform 1/16’ to 1/8’ bead around perimeter of one surface. Completely surround all bolt holes. 4. Wait 10 minutes before assembling parts. Caution: On contact uncured Sealants, caused irritation: Avoid contract with eyes and skin. in case of contact flush eyes with water and Consult and physician. To neroves, Silicon from Skin. Use day clothes on paper towel. Use with adequate ventilation keep out of Reach of children.